What Level of Needs Are You Living From?

A great question to ask yourself is "What's my main motivation behind my actions and life choices"?

For example, a person who works at a steady job they don't really like is arguably living from a place of survival & security.

They are prioritizing security over creativity in their work. 

An artist or a Yoga teacher is likely living out of creativity and creation. Many times prioritizing creativity over security.

There can be many cases where things aren't as they seem on the surface.

For me, a big revelation was that my entrepreneurship and drive to succeed in business was based on scarcity and lack.

Growing up in an immigrant family that experienced mid 20th century Russia, survivial & scarcity mindset were deeply ingrained in me.

So naturally my drive to succeed came from a place of wanting to avoid lack and scarcity.

A fundamental law of the universe, is that what you focus on grows. While seemingly I was focusing on abudnance and wealth, due to my hidden drive and motivation I was actually focusing the entire time on lack and scarcity.

And lack and scarcity can only take you so far.

How far? For me it was untill all of my basic needs were met and I became comfortable. At that point, the motivation ran out.

Economists that study the connection between earning money and happines, have shown that the point of having your basic needs met and reaching a happiness ceiling met comes at making $75,000/year (2010), or $86,000 in today's dollars . After that point, evey dollar you make does not contribute to your level of happiness, and can even detract from it on average.

Learning about this study, made a lot of sense to my personal story.

Being stuck in scarcity and lack, a funny thing started happening.

I would either feel a lack of motivation, because my actions were no longer aligned with a deep desire.


I would create scarcity and lack by making bad business and investment decisions, which would kick my motivation back into high gear.

As you can imagine,  osciliating between the two is not a fun time.

How to Get Out Of The Hamster Wheel

Ok so you recognize you might be living out of a lower "need". How do you change something that's so deeply ingrained?

Awareness is the first step. Once you become aware of your motivation whatever it might be, you can then choose if you'd like to continue following that path, or create a shift.

For me, I've been on a continuous shift and journey to operate and create from a state of abundance and joy.

Making a deep perspective and concious shift like this can take some time and effort. We literally need to rewire our brains and life-long habits.

So then what tools can help you in this process? For me, these tools have been very helpful:

  1. Meditation
    Growing our awareness of the mind and the body is perhaps the most useful tool in this process. It gives us access to the "behind the scenes", and helps us calm our nervous system, over-active mind and tap into our feelings and emotions. Theses are call keys to notice when we are operating out of old habits, and remind ourselves to shift into our new ones.

  1. Visioning and Affirmations
    To get from where we are to where we want to be, we want to use this beautiful tool we humans have that separate us from the rest of the animals.

  2. Imagination
    The ability to simulate a future that's different from the one we are experiencing now.

    Unconsciously, we do this every time. When I forget to get an item from my honey do list, and I begin feeling stressed..it is because my mind is imagining a scenario where my partner gets very upset at me. It hasn't happened yet, or may not ever happen, but my mind and body are living it at this moment.

    We want to take control over this powerful tool, and use it to our advantage.

    Imagine your ideal outcome. Your ideal life. How does it look like? Where is it happening? Where are you living? How is your professional and personal life looks like?

    Affirmations work in a similar way. By affirming positive outcomes and beliefs, we give tasks for our subconcious to execute. The subconcious is a reality creating machine that can't differentiate between truth and false. It recieves commands and executes them.
  3. Journaling
    Journaling, be it a short form "5 minute journal" or a freestyle, helps us conciously spend time and energy in the direction of our dreams.

    A few common methods:

    - Daily gratitude, planning and reflection - Set format every day
    - Exploration of strong feelings & emotions - Every time a strong emotion or feeling is experienced.
    - Promts & Questions - Periodically, reviewing "life" questions that help us reflect on our life.
  4. Coaching
    Having a dedicated coach to support you on this journey is a powerful way of speeding up the process, and navigating the challenges. I attribute much of my shift to the coaching journey I've taken with my coaches.

Final Words

In today's society, more often than not we grow up and learn to operate from fear, scarcity, security, and a place of unworthiness (needing to achieve in order to be worthy of love and attention).

Recognizing where this learned behavior shows up in our life, and transcending into operating from your higher self can be a journey of freedom, bliss and abundance that lower "needs" just can't attain.

So ask yourself, where is your motivation coming from?

And know that even if you are operating from the lowest "survival" needs, the shift into abundance and joy is always accessible to you.