Here are a few projects I'm a currently a part of..

After founding and growing eCommerce and local businesses, I wanted to help other business owners grow and scale their operations through digital marketing.

That's how was born in 2016, and since then we've helped tens of entrepreneurs double their companies with our Intent Engine methodology.

I founded the locksmith & security company in 2013 while I was a student at CU Boulder, and quickly grew the company to 6 figures in under 12 months and hired our first employees, while going to school full time.

Since then, in 2017 I joined forces with an operational partner, and we've expanded the business past 7 figures, and acquired 3 locksmith companies in Colorado.
Our portfolio of companies is now the largest locksmith company in the state of Colorado.

David is a founding member and is on the board of directors for ElevateCircle, a community for conscious entrepreneurs empowering the next generation of leaders.