Ep 5. Why we started the Strategic Freedom Podcast | How to become an entrepreneur and get your freedom

In this episode, your host David Lahav shares why he started the Strategic Freedom Podcast. How to become an entrepreneur and get your freedom?

More often than not, we fall into mind traps that lead us to believe freedom is far away and not possible for us now. Expanding the mind is a key to realize our current level of thinking is responsible for our lack of freedom, and that we have many options available to us right here and right now.

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David: Welcome podcast listeners. Welcome to the strategic freedom podcast. I'm your host, David Lahav. And today we are going to be doing something a little different. Today, I wanted to share with you guys a little bit about why we started the strategic freedom podcast. So what we've found is that from my own personal experiences of how to start a business and how to become an entrepreneur, some of which failed terribly, and then some were okay and then some got traction and we're way easier than I thought they were going to be. 

And one of my key memories is actually going back to the locksmith company, which I started. Thing was seven or eight years ago, and initially loved it. So being on call, getting calls from customers. And then also taking it also creating some location freedom. So when I had contractors who would do the work, I would be able to be in Israel or in Europe or in South America. And all I needed was a phone that would bring, I would work a few minutes, answer the calls, send them to contractors, and they will get the job done, we would split the profit. And for the time being, everything was amazing. However, after doing this for a few years, answering phone calls gets old if you're in a different time zone, waking up at 1 or 2 am to answer a call and then maybe it's just someone who wanted pricing right but you still have to wake up and answer the call. For me... at that point, I started feeling like, I don't have the freedom that I desire, and that in many ways the business was owning me instead of me owning the business.

How to become an entrepreneur

Now, where did the problems start? When you feel stuck, or when you feel that you want more freedom? Normally, we feel stuck because we can't see a different alternative, we can’t see a different way of operating the business or a way of getting our freedom and what we're looking for faster, we think, oh, I need to actually be 10 times in size in order to be able to hire all these team members that are going to replace me and this is going to take a long while. And this is exactly why the Strategic Freedom Podcast exists is to help share stories of business owners that have been through these struggles on how to become an entrepreneur . And they share how they were able to find the freedom that they wanted. And each person find it differently.

For some people, freedom is working five or 10 hours a week, and not having to worry and have location freedom for other people. Freedom is I want to work 100 hours a week because I'm building something that I believe in something that I love. And I want to be able to keep doing this. So this is why the strategic freedom podcast exists is to help share those stories about on how to become an entrepreneur and have your freedom, and what we're finding more and more, which I know is true from my life. And we're seeing it with all the amazing entrepreneurs that we're interviewing and learning about their stories is that in many, many ways, our biggest limitation is our mind and our strategic thinking.

Let me explain.

So in my case, I was so done with the locksmith business and so done with answering calls and being on call that I was ready to sell the business completely. And pretty much just by accident, while I was trying to sell the business, I found a business partner who acquired only half of the business. And then in the flip of a switch, the worry of answering calls the worry of dealing with subcontractors and technicians, all of that was taken off my plate. And my partner was now dealing with that and I got to work on two things that initially attracted me to the business, which is being able to build something from nothing, grow the business with digital marketing, create a brand, and all the things that I truly enjoy. And I never imagined that I would be able to just flip a switch, and without needing to do anything big, and not only flip a switch. I also got a check for 50% of the company. Right so for me, this was an amazing revelation and with my other businesses, I've been experiencing this again and again.

How to become an entrepreneur and get your freedom

I've been experiencing sometimes stress and worry and feeling like the business owns me instead of me owning the business. And then every time when I reflect on it, when I think strategically, a solution comes that really flips things very fast. It's, it's more often than not something that takes a few years. It's something that can take a few days, a few weeks, or a few months to implement. And then I'm able to experience the freedom that I desire. And again, we're seeing it from a lot of our other entrepreneurs that we are interviewing and their stories. It starts first and foremost, with our mindset with expanding the mind and then finding solutions to the problem that we are experiencing.

So with that said, I just want to say thank you for listening to this strategic freedom podcast. And we're very excited to continue and interviewing entrepreneurs from all walks of life, from a lot of different businesses, a lot of different business stages and help you guys expand your mind, think strategically, and be able to go through the freedom transformation in your own life in business. Thank you for listening. 

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