Cam is digital nomad that has created financial freedom while traveling..and in a relatively short amount of time.

Tal Gur is a location independent entrepreneur, author, and impact investor. Tal is my mentor and dear friend, and perhaps the best way to describe him is as a master of Freedom.

Riaan has been living and working out of his RV for the past 4 years while running Agentivity - a SaaS company serving travel agents. 

Ricardo Lima is the CEO and co-founder of Worldpackers, a global marketplace connecting hosts and travelers through the exchange of skills for accommodation.

In this episode, your host David Lahav shares why he started the Strategic Freedom Podcast. How to become an entrepreneur and get your freedom?

Ray Blakney started his first business, with his wife as a business partner, in 2008. Ray shares the story of how they started a B&M Spanish language school in Mexico

Jennifer is the founder and owner of Clutter Trucker, a hoarding cleanout company based in Denver. She is a well-known expert and speaker on the topic of hoarding disorder

EPISODE 2 Neel is the CEO and Founder of MaidThis Franchise, which is a cleaning service for Airbnbs. What's unique about Neel's company is that the operations are done completely remotely.

EPISODE 1 Jay quit his last job 8 years ago and has been a location independent. During that time he's started three eCommerce businesses, traveled to over 20 countries