Ep 6. Ricardo Lima CEO and co-founder of Worldpackers

Ricardo Lima is the CEO and co-founder of Worldpackers, a global marketplace connecting hosts and travelers through the exchange of skills for accommodation.

Riq quit a lucrative investment banker

Surprisingly enough, Riq started his career as an investment banker. It taught me a lot of things, but more importantly, I realized that despite being a great performer, I didn't have a mindset suited for the financial industry. So I quit for a journey of self-discovery. I spent 3.5 years on the road and visited over 50 countries, exchanging my skills for all sorts of accommodation. It would be hard to describe how much travelling changed me, but it's easy to see how it helped me find a way to change the world, enabling people to follow my path. People with less resources, less inspiration, less guts, or just in the search for self-knowledge. Everyone, eventually.

At the end of this amazing trip, I met Eric, my childhood friend and at the time a partner at the International Travellers House Hostels. Eventually joined by our resident tech genius João in our dream, we founded Worldpackers, a platform that, 2 years later, gathers over 150k passionate travellers contributing to the collaborative economy, sending them to nearly 100 countries in every continent.

And it's only the beginning! Join the community on Worldpackers.com.


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