Learn a simple
practice that can
transform your life.

Learn to meditate

Find out how meditating for 20 minutes twice a day can transform your life. 

Feel youth like energy levels that last all day


Your brain’s full capability, creativity and clarity.


Every moment in your day, feel a deep sense of peace and bliss no matter what.

Why practice Vedic Meditation?

Learn to meditate

Find out how meditating for 20 minutes twice a day can transform your life. 

How does it work?

Attend an Intro Talk 

Whether you’re new to Vedic Mediation or continuing your journey, join me for a free, in-person, or virtual chat. Discover how Vedic Meditation can empower you to find your inner bliss.

Learn to Meditate - 4 Day Course

Sign up for four, in-person sessions over 4 days. You’re meditating from day one and you’ll receive a personalized mantra. You’ll learn the technique and understand why and how VM works.

Increase Energy and Happiness, Daily

Through daily Vedic Meditation practice, changes are immediate. You’ll feel lighter, calmer, happier, and energized. When you discover your authentic Self, you’ll attract more order and clarity to your everyday life.

What’s next?

Join the community

Once you complete the course, our community of Vedic Meditators worldwide is available to support your practice going forward. Through weekly meetings, you’ll have the opportunity to ask questions and deepen your Vedic knowledge, philosophy and understanding.

The community meetings are free for all graduates, for life.

Welcome, I’m David Lahav

International Vedic Meditation Teacher, Entrepreneur and World Traveler.

I studied with Thom Knoles, the pre-eminent authority of Vedic knowledge. After years of practice & graduating from a 12-week, immersive on-site program I was inducted into the Shankaracharya tradition. When you learn with me, you’ll receive expert, personal instruction on meditating effortlessly and comfortably.

After the course, you’ll be equipped to meditate on your own – for life successfully.

There is something unique about how David teaches meditation.

I'm not quite sure what it is, maybe has something to do with his calming energy or the compassionate way of listening when you speak. The result, however, is to feel seen and completely at ease.

I took the 4-day VM course with David a few months back and since then, I didn't skip a single meditation. That's special because it is the first time in my life that I actually stick to it for more than a few weeks.

Michele Z.

David's course in Haifa was short but to the point,  with a touch of mystery and Sanskrit in aspecial ceremony. The 4 day Vedic meditation course got me started, and it was the non-committed commitment that hooked me.  I found myself fond of meditating,  twice a day,  20 minutes each.

I'm happy to have found this way "effortlessness" way of living, and wish I would have found this practice decades ago! Jai Guru Deva :-) 

Anna K.

I had no idea what to expect when I signed up for the 4-day meditation course. I knew that I felt really safe and seen by David as well as wanting to deepen my journey with meditation.

It was such a fun 4 days learning from David, the traditions, and the meditation techniques. He explains everything in an easy-to-digest manner and answers all questions! It’s also nice knowing I have his support outside of this course! I’m feeling the benefits of this simple and beautiful practice and would recommend this course to anyone!

David C.

It is going on 4 months since I celebrated Puja and received my mantra from David.

I am feeling increasingly grounded in life with a greater sense of adaptability in the face of an unknowable future for humankind. Recently, I have experienced some of the happiest moments in my life as I have what we may say as cultivated my first harvest from the fruits of my twice-daily practice.  Joy and playfulness energize my body, inspiring me to continue, and I now have enough backstock of happiness to begin exporting it everywhere I go. Jai Guru Deva!

Andrea O.