Learn a meditation mechnique that is profound, yet easy to stick with for the long term.

Attend an Intro Talk

Find out how meditating for 20 minutes twice a day can transform your life. 

Join a Free Vedic Meditation Intro Talk

Attend an engaging talk about Vedic Meditation, and learn about how the technique works, how hundreds of thousands have benefitted from it, the science behind it and the long line of teachers and masters who have been passing this knowledge along for thousands of years.

This is a great opportunity to bring all of your questions about meditation and Vedic Meditation and have them answered live.

How It Works


Attend an Intro Talk

Join a free in-person talk about Vedic Meditation, where you can ask any questions and learn exactly what to expect. Phone or Zoom meetings are also available upon request.


Learn to Meditate - 4 Day Course

Sign up for an in-person meditation course, and learn the ins and outs of Vedic Meditation. By the end of the course, you’ll know exactly how to meditate and be able to successfully continue the practice on your own. 


Increase Energy and Happiness, Daily

By continuing to practice Vedic Meditation daily, you will experience unprecedented levels of energy, happiness and clarity in your day to day..for the rest of your life. 

So What Exactly Is Vedic Meditation?

Join me for an in person chat, and learn about the roots of Vedic Meditation, the Mantras we use in the practice and how this effortless practice can help transform your life

What is Vedic Meditation?
Who does it work for?
What are the benefits?
What’s the difference from other meditation techniques?

Attend an Intro Talk

Find out how meditating for 20 minutes twice a day can transform your life. 

On The Intro Talk We Will Also Explore:

  • Why even people who are “bad” at meditating become successful VMers
  • Why Meditating is 2X-5X more restful than Sleep
  • What to expect on your 4 day Meditation course
  • The personalized Mantras we use in Vedic Meditation