Is The Daily Grind Crushing Your Creativity?

Is The Daily Grind Crushing Your Creativity? 

When we are fatigued and stressed, our creativity and mental capability drops to only a fraction of its full capability.

It’s easy to get used to this fatigued state, so much that we don’t even realize it’s there.

This surely was the case for me, when I was the owner of 3 businesses working 60+ hours a week.

I only realized how much more capability and potential was available after I learned Vedic Meditation.

This was even more so in the afternoons - feeling low after hours of non stop work, zoom calls and meetings, I would find myself “working” but actually just clicking around between tabs, getting distracted by emails and dms and not accomplishing much.

After starting to meditate for 20 minutes in the afternoon, It felt like pressing the reset button for my focus, energy and clarity.

I would feel fresh just like I did in the morning.

Taking 20 minutes to meditate actually earned me ~2 hours a day by becoming more efficient and effective with my time.

This is where practicing Vedic Meditation becomes a type of a secret super power - getting our energy and creativity recharged twice a day has other people wondering what’s our secret to feeling energized and having mental clarity throughout the day.

All that’s needed is to take the time to close our eyes to get deep rest and nourishment, and everything else just unfolds naturally from there.

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