What would happen if you just STOPPED everything?

What would happen to you if you just STOPPED everything?

If you could take one day off and just stop working, stop any physical exercise, your social outings, your romantic relationships, your family responsibilities.

If you were just spending time with your own mind, without any distractions like social media, netflix or any mind-altering substances like alcohol or Marijuana.

Without Crossfit, Yoga, the Gym or any physical activity that makes us feel good.

Not on some exotic beach, or iconic city..just at your home where you are now.

Would your experience be of calm and peace?

Or would your mind start racing incessantly, with all of the worries and problems surfacing up?

Would you feel worthless without all the things you are DOING?

Or would you feel content, whole, at ease?

What would your experience be without any distractions or doings?
What your mental experience be if you just stopped everything?

This may sound like some strange mind exercise...but it reveals a deep truth about how we live our life.

If we find that our DOINGS in life are the source of our contentment, then we know they are not going to be long lasting and deep.

They will stay ever changing and fleeting - our happiness dependent on our environment, other people, and even the weather.

This brings us to an important question..

Where does contentment and happiness truly live?

You see, even when we are seeking happiness through activity, what we are really doing is triggering our internal body's bliss chemistry with external stimuli.

Creating a belief that If I make X amount of dollars, then I will be happy.

Then X amount of dollars are earned, and in response my mind will release some dopamine and other bliss neuro chemicals.

Creating a belief that if I go out to Y restaurant, own this car, live in that house, only then I will be happy.

Even when our desire is achieved, a short burst of happiness will occur and very soon after the mind will bring its chemistry into balance.

Then we will need a new target to trigger this bliss chemistry in the brain anew.

A trip to Europe, or an exotic island.

Some new clothes..

An exciting relationship..

You get the picture.

There is actually nothing wrong with wanting any of the above..the reason WHY we want it matters though.

If we are feeling unhappy now, and view one of those acquisitions (material or experiential) as what is going to bring us fulfillment, then it is game over before it even starts.

If we are already feeling contentment and peace..then one of those DOINGS is going to be a fun adventure where we get to bring our fulfillment into the world.

This is where having a very simple and easy practice, such as Vedic Meditation, becomes a game changer.

Vedic Meditation allows us to get in contact with our inner bliss - without having to DO or achieve anything.

By closing our eyes and practicing a simple technique, we get to experience the same happiness and bliss that we would otherwise feel only after hitting a goal, or having a peak experience.

That feeling of happiness and fulfillment we are seeking OUT THERE by acquiring items and experiences, is actually already IN HERE.

It is always HERE - under the layers of thoughts, worries, and mind activity that we experience.

Once we are able to get access to that layer of fulfillment that is the state of BEING beyond thoughts, it is like striking gold in a mine.

Now we have direct access to fulfillment, anytime, anywhere without needing to do anything.

Having the daily practice of Vedic Meditation gives us this direct access into the bliss chemistry that is always inside our own body.

If you've been following - this is normally the stage where some questions and doubts begin to arise.

"This all sounds good in theory...maybe this works for monks but not a modern person like me with a job and a family".

"Well if I'm going to be content without needing to do anything, then I will just become some hippie bum that doesn't get anything done"

Luckily, our technique of Vedic Meditation is easy to integrate into our daily life - without needing to become a monk, or quit our job.

Instead of making us less effective, it actually has the opposite effect - when we are more fulfilled and rested, we are more creative and can get even more things done while being more creative.

This technique works for everyone - from the busiest CEO, to multi tasking Moms, and free thinking creatives.

It works because we all have the same brain chemistry and inner workings as human beings.

If you are curious to learn more, check out my next free introductory talk to Vedic Meditation or submit a contact form on the website.