What is going to make you happy?

What is the thing in your life right now you are thinking most about?

What is it..you are almost obsessed with..thinking that when it is achieved you will be happy?

For most of us, this has to do with our career...achieving certain amount of wealth..buying a certain home..or finding love & partnership.

The thing is, no matter what variation it is from the list the truth is that it will not actually make us happy.

Not for any significant amount of time at least.

Sorry to be a bubble burster (not really..).

It is just the truth, the way life actually works as opposed to what we have been conditioned to think.

When we stop to examine it, we can look back at our past experiences and see that all of our past acquisitions and experiences have made us happy for only a transient period of time, where unhappiness soon ensued.

Why is that?

It is due to the very nature of worldly happiness that comes from objects, other people, and temporary experiences.

Whenever we fall into the trap of thinking something outside of ourselves will make us happy, the outcome is already pre-determined.

Our nervous system can experience a certain ecstasy when an object is achieved, which is short lived and then our nervous system regulates itself by dropping into a low state that is the polar opposite of the high we experienced.

You may have heard of Michael Phelps, and how very soon after breaking the world record and winning multiple gold medals in the Swimming Olympics, he experienced the deepest depression of his life and considered ending his life.

This is this exact dynamic at play.

It does not mean that we can no longer enjoy having objects, or achieving goals in our career and romantic lives.

It is just our expectation and dynamic that changes.

Instead of feeling not good enough, or unhappy in this moment - and then launching ourselves at achievement to feel happy..we reverse the process.

We stop everything, go inside with the practice of Vedic Meditation and experience our baseline happiness that is always there but can easily get overshadowed.

Now we emerge out of our meditation, feeling completely fulfilled.

And we take that fulfillment out on an excursion to the outside world, to objects, people and achievements.

This actually allows us to enjoy what we are doing even more..because we do not expect it to deliver happiness for us.

We just create, work, love and interact with the world because we feel charmed to. Because we truly want to.

Not because we have mortgaged our happiness in this moment to enjoy future happiness.

You've probably heard of this idea that we want to "Enjoy The Journey, Not The Destination"..

This is exactly what we are talking about. But this doesn't come about by intellectualizing it, or reminding ourselves every moment to enjoy the road.

It comes about by getting in touch with our inner bliss on a daily basis. The bliss that is within each and everyone of us all the time, if we can access it.

Then, whatever we do after that is much more enjoyable..so we enjoy the road and start caring less about the destination.

To get in touch with that baseline happiness that we each have, we just practice our Vedic Meditation with the Mantra that is taught by qualified teachers for 20 minutes twice a day.

After that, everything else naturally falls into place.

No need to try hard, no need to plan or control.

Simply, more enjoyment and more flow ensue due to this natural dynamic - more happiness here and now, less neediness to try and create it in the future through objects and goals.

So my invitation for you is to reflect how this dynamic is playing out in your own life.

Do you resonate? Can you see this happening in your life?

If you have not yet learned Vedic Meditation with me or another teacher, reach out and we can find the teacher closest to you.