Surfing The Invisibile Waves Of Life

If you watch good surfers closely, you will see that they expend much less effort than beginners.

They recognize they are just a small squishy thing in a vast ocean that can throw them around as she pleases..

David Surfing in Costa Rica, Photo by: Michele Zangrandi

Instead of fighting a losing battle and trying to make things happen, they recognize where the currents are going in..and where the water is washing out l, and just tag along for the ride.

They learn how to dive under big waves that are crashing, or if they fell off they let go and let the wave take them for a spin without panicking and expending breath and energy trying to resist in vain.

The same is true in our life..where can we recognize the currents of the laws of nature, and take our proverbial surf board for an effortless and joyful ride?

And where are we feeling a lot of friction, energy drain and suffering?

Where are we swimming agains the current instead of letting go, or simply learning to duck dive under the big waves?

The “waves” of life are just as real as the ones in the ocean.

However, they can be harder to notice if our bodies and minds are constantly stressed, and if we get too engrossed in our small self lens, forgetting our true status as a miracle of creation living on this tiny blue ball in a vast universe.

Let us practice the art of effortlessly surfing life twice daily (Vedic Meditation), and take these skills outside of our practice and into the world.