Your Consciousness State & A middle aged Yogi flying to LAX

You may not realize this, but the most important asset you have in this life is your state of consciousness.

Our consciousness state is like a filter through which we experience life.

Let's say that we are in a state that is more anxious, or fearful..every interaction that we have with the outside world is going to be colored with this lens.

Just as though we were looking at the world through red glasses.

On the other hand, if we are in a consciousness state that is more peaceful, that has more bliss, then everything and everyone we come across are going to feel friendly and positive. Green Lens.

Let's look at the story of a middle aged Yogi who landed in LAX fresh out of India to illustrate this point..

This yogi served his master in India for about a dozen years..untill his teacher died suddenly.

Left without any specific thing to do, and feeling quite lost without his master, the yogi went off to find some solitude..sitting on the banks of a river by the Himalayas, meditating and receiving modest alms from the locals.

Out of the blue, in his mid fifties, the Yogi was brought out of his solitude by students who accosted him and demanded him to teach them about Meditation.

If they asked with folded tradition the yogi had no choice but to accept.

Shortly afterwards, the yogi had the vision to come to the US and continue teaching what he learned from his teacher in the West.

The short and thin looking Indian man landed in LAX with nothing more than his clothes, a small hand bag and a shawl.

He calmly sat down with his legs crossed in the airport lounge, until a passerby who was intrigued by his unique look asked who he was..and if he needed a ride somewhere.

The Indian man answered :"I'm going to whereever you are going".

He hopped into the man's car, who turned out to be an up and coming actor in LA, and ended up staying the night at his place and taught meditation to the actor and his friends that night.

Within a few short years, this little known yogi built a world-wide movement that eventually turned into a multi national organization worth billions.

You might've guessed it by now..that this middle aged yogi was in fact Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, the man who is largely responsible for Yoga and Meditation being so popular in the West today, and was the Master of my Master - Thom Knoles.

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

What did Maharishi posses that was so valuable? What enabled him to grow such a large movement without knowing anyone?

His high consciousness state.

All other results flowed from that initial source and asset.

A consciousness state that was fearless in going to America without having a plan, while having little to no money or personal belongings.

Practically anyone who met Maharishi, recognized there was something special about him (Consciousness), and was happy to learn something from him and support his cause.

Now I'm not saying that we should all become Monks and go and meditate for two years in India.

That was clearly Maharishi's path, and not the path for most of us who enjoy living a life in the world with our career, loved ones and romantic relationships.

None the less, we can all apply this in our situation by realizing that making Meditation a daily practice, and growing our knowledge about consciousness can be the biggest game changer in our life.

As our creativity and energy continues to grow with Vedic Meditation..I'm curious to discover what we are all truly capable of as we unlock more of our full potential.

With love & Jai Guru Deva,